Balancing branding with AI – when does optimisat...

Anyone working in digital marketing is aware that there is need for some level of intelligent automation in their role.  Every booth at every trade show mentions AI in some form or other, from personalisation to packing machines. If you

Managing Complex SEO Workflows with Corigan

What is the OHESTO workflow and why is it so successful? OHESTO stands for:  ObjectivesHypothesesExperimentsSuggestionsTasksOutcomes  You can manage this SEO workflow with Corigan to ensure that you’re optimising your processes. So let’s take a brief look at each stage of

Better Data with Corigan

How do you improve your company’s data? Data is scattered across teams, projects, software and systems. It can be difficult to find, report and manage data, especially in a large organisation.   What you want is consistency.  However, different outputs use

Using Your Competitors’ SEO to Your Advantage

How can you gain a competitive edge with SEO?  It can be difficult to know exactly where you are losing out to your competitors. When you work in isolation you can be able to ascertain where and how you should

Best in Class Keyword Identification from Corigan

Corigan’s sophisticated strategy uses modern intelligent automation to take your SEO to the next level.  Rather than relying on similarity of meaning, we perform lemmatization on the dataset. This allows us to find the root meaning (“lemma”) of the word

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