How do you improve your company’s data?

Data is scattered across teams, projects, software and systems. It can be difficult to find, report and manage data, especially in a large organisation.  

What you want is consistency. 

However, different outputs use different datasets. And with differing reports and parameters, it can be a struggle to get a single, authoritative view of the data.

You end up with a swathe of data sources that cost you money but don’t give you the results you need.

What you have is lots of information, but no answers. You have the ‘what’, but not the ‘why’. Data should give you insights into how you are performing and how you compare to your competitors.

Better data drives performance. 

A single view of the truth is needed – with different sources feeding into one Primary Source dataset, which in turn is able to provide stakeholders with relevant information. 

Corigan, an AI-driven suite of tools that allows brands to take control of their search performance at speed & scale, provides you with the sophisticated and insightful data you need to succeed. 

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