What is the OHESTO workflow and why is it so successful?

OHESTO stands for: 


You can manage this SEO workflow with Corigan to ensure that you’re optimising your processes. So let’s take a brief look at each stage of the workflow.

  • Objectives

At the beginning your stated objectives are plugged into the system by the team. Here you can add keywords, objectives and user profiles and decide on a direction for your SEO. 

  • Hypotheses 

Hypotheses are generated by AI and by the team based on your stated objectives. Examples of hypotheses include keyword suggestions, taxonomy change, HTML mark change suggestions or error fix suggestions etc. 

  • Experiments 

Analysis is carried out by the AI or tasked to Corigan by an SEO manager. The experiments will be based on competitor site analysis or on predictions formed from historical data.  

  • Suggestions

After the AI runs the data and receives the results of the experiments it makes sophisticated recommendations.  

  • Tasks

Using the AI recommendations, you are armed with accurate and beneficial information to task your team with the changes to areas like content, taxonomy etc.

  • Outcomes 

The final stage of the SEO workflow is a comparative analysis of the impact before and after the tasks were undertaken.

Each stage leads into the next. Partnering with Corigan is the best way to manage a complex SEO workflow like OHESTO. 

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