How can you gain a competitive edge with SEO? 

It can be difficult to know exactly where you are losing out to your competitors. When you work in isolation you can be able to ascertain where and how you should be making improvements. 

That’s why you should try to learn from your competitors’ successes and failures. 

If you’re able to keep track of competitor changes and report on these changes in real time you will be able to innovate faster. You will know the effectiveness of their site updates at the same time as the competitor and you will be able to react much quicker.

Learning from competitors’ changes enables you to cherry pick their best bits and use them to your advantage.

With Corigan’s unique Competitor Change Analysis, which is tied to performance, you can use competitors as a test bed for your own search experiments.

Additionally, you can use Corigan to remap your competitors’ pages back to your own taxonomy. You’ll be able to compare like for like. And you’ll have the tools you need to execute on that data within an intelligent, automated workflow.

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