Corigan’s sophisticated strategy uses modern intelligent automation to take your SEO to the next level. 

Rather than relying on similarity of meaning, we perform lemmatization on the dataset. This allows us to find the root meaning (“lemma”) of the word and drop irrelevant factors that could skew your results.

We use a machine learning neural net method called SKIPGram and CBOW. It might sound complicated but don’t worry. These methods help us understand exactly how words connect to each other and, more importantly, how Google is making those connections in its SERPs. 

Ultimately, these vital insights help us improve your SEO. 

We also bigram our data and understand how words served together affects the connections and intent. This enables us to perform a reverse method on pages where we can identify missed opportunities.

As an added bonus, we can even recommend keywords based on positive and negative reinforcements. 

Capitalize on our innovative and best in class AI-driven approach by choosing Corigan to enhance your SEO. 

Find out more – ask for a demo! 

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