SEO Superheroes Taking the temperature of the SEO industry in 2022

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SEO spend on the rise – but is it being well spent?

Download this report to discover what SEO professionals think about their roles, their routine and the strategic and tactical tasks they complete on a day to day basis in 2022.

In this report you will learn:

  • SEOs spend most of their time handling routine, mundane tasks
  • SEOs are overworked
  • SEOs are not happy with the tools available to them
  • How SEO budgets and time are being wasted on the wrong tasks.

By the end of 2021, the total annual spend on SEO across the globe was expected to reach $50bn dollars – figure analysts say could double in the next four years.

That’s a lot of budget for an industry that’s only a quarter of a century old. But just because bigger SEO budgets are now becoming the norm doesn’t mean the money is well spent.

SEO managers spend well over 40 hours per week – more than their salaried hours – handling routine tasks, with 2/3 of them unable to devote enough time to strategic work that could benefit their business, because of all the hours they spend on SEO maintenance.

This report commissioned by Corigan analyses the attitudes of SEO middle and senior managers towards their roles, the routine and strategic tasks they complete – and why they think harnessing technology and tooling to lighten their load will help brands finally realise the true value of SEO.

Download the report now and find out what you can be doing to help make your SEO team into the brand superheroes they have the potential to be.

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