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Corigan is an AI-driven suite of tools that allows brands to take control of their search performance at speed & scale, without needing to grow their team.

Powerful machine learning, driving your content creation

Automate your keywords and internal linking
Corigan identifies the single canonical best page for keywords, automates internal linking, understands what customers associate with your content on Google and learns from your performance and preferences, making content creation and briefing a breeze.


Automation designed to help humans, dramatically increasing team capacity and empowing teams with search inteligence.

Keyword & Internal Linking

Intelligent recommendation engine and automatic internal linking that reduces optimisation and migration workloads.

Competitor Analysis

Turn competitors into AB test
Imagine being able to keep track of your competitors' changes, when they make them, and report on these changes in real time; know the effectiveness of updates that drive SERP performance and react immediately.

For Taxonomy

Leverage competitor monitoring and change analysis, linked to SERPs, to allow you to match pages based on user intent, and to remap your competitors’ pages to your site.

Market Analysis

Intelligent insights into competitor landscape, not just directly to your business but in your entire search space.

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