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Corigan App Suite

Take control of your search performance

Corigan helps brands take control of their Search and Visibility. It does this by unifying data and teams around a single, AI assisted workflow. Corigan is designed to increase efficiency and productivity of teams by up to 86%.

A unified workflow management system for SEOs.

Powered by a single source of primary data
Corigan puts you in control. Saving you time, increasing efficiency and creating accountability.


Enables the scaling of SEO capability exponentially without continually adding to the team headcount.


Supports the functions of the SEO specialist, analyst, project manager and content writer all in one place. 


Competitor Analysis

Harness the power of competitor monitoring and change analysis Imagine being able to keep track of your competitors' changes, when they make them, and report on these changes in real time; know the effectiveness of updates that drive SERP performance and react immediately.

For Taxonomy

Effortlessly monitor your competitors’ real-time updates, report on them and respond instantly to optimise SERPs performance.

Market Analysis

Intelligent insights into competitor landscape, not just directly to your business but in your entire search space.

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