Corigan is here to solve the SEO Dilemma.

In the 2020 SEO Platform Forrester Wave report, researchers found that “no single SEO platform currently meets most of marketer’s needs’”. It was clear that SEO was becoming harder and more complex as a result of the scale and speed of change of Google’s algorithm updates. To make matters worse, most of the tools in the market weren’t up to the job. 

So, where are the modern, comprehensive SEO tools? 

The average SEO uses 3 tools and mostly for reporting. The market has lacked a sophisticated SEO tool – until now! 

The Challenges

  1. There is a lack of reliable keyword data. Many SEO tools rely on third party suppliers of keyword data. The more middlemen, the further away you are from the truth. Clients often end up using multiple tools with conflicting data sets and become detached from valuable first party data. Marketers need more robust keyword data and insights. 
  2. There is no comprehensive tool. There are many stakeholders involved in the SEO workflow. In the past, no one tool has served all their needs. Technical and content SEOs should be able to use one toolbox that enables them to fulfill various functions. 
  3. SEO platforms have a limited focus. Many want to be able to expand beyond organic search. Marketing leaders need aggregated and enriched insights across search channels. SEO platforms should expand their use cases to paid search and beyond. 

The Solution – Corigan

  1. Corigan solves the challenge of keywords with reliable first party data and industry leading Keyword suggestion supported by a powerful proprietary AI.
  2. Corigan serves all SEO stakeholders with our unique 5 in 1 toolset with a customer centric workflow based on our proprietary OHESTO method. 
  3. Corigan expands beyond organic search, working just as well for Paid as for SEO. Our full SERP analysis tool can help you maximise visibility, choose the right content path, and highlight the most favourable keywords. 

Corigan’s SEO Toolbox provides a complete and intuitive solution to all your SEO struggles. The common challenges faced by SEO stakeholders on a day to day basis all have a tailored made fix via Corigan.  

Corigan is the all-in-one SEO solution you need, enabling you to easily accomplish the roles of specialist, analyst & content writer by using one tool. Corigan will help you solve the SEO dilemma. Find out more – ask for a demo!

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