Best in Class Keyword Identification from Corigan

Most SEO tools rely on third party suppliers of keyword data, while clients often use multiple tools that have conflicting data sets. Marketers need more robust Keyword data and insights that the market  doesn’t offer.

Corigan solves this by running it’s one global network on indexing and scraping tools to build the best primary source SEO data set available.



In addition our industry leading keyword suggestion AI uses cutting edge intent and relational techniques to deliver keyword and phase suggestions that have high intent. You will no longer have to rely on basic SEO solutions and outdated software.


Now there is a better option!

Rather than relying on similarity of meaning, Corigan performs lemmatization on the dataset, which allows us to find the root meaning (“lemma”) of the word and drop all other factors that could skew our results.

Corigan uses a machine learning neural net method called SKIPGram and CBOW, for understanding how words connect to each other and more importantly how Google and its users are making those connections in its SERPs.

Corigan’s sophisticated strategy uses modern intelligent automation to take your SEO to the next level.

As an added bonus we can recommend keywords based on positive and negative reinforcements

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